33 Sales Articles Every Sales Executive Needs To Read To Be a Quota Crusher

33 Sales Articles Every Sales Executive Needs To Read

We reviewed hundreds of articles related to sales,

Here are the top 33 Sales articles that Quota Crushers employees chose to highlight.

1. 3 Creative Sales Contest Ideas and Why They Work

By Zach Watson | Source: TechnologyAdvice

A compelling look at three proven sales contest formats, complete with real-world examples and explanations of what drove their success. Read More: The Winner’s Guide to Running Effective Sales Contests.

2. The 5 Biggest Mistakes All Sales Reps Make

By Zorian Rotenberg | Source: InsightSquared Blog

What Zorian’s really doing here is reverse-engineering the preaching of good fundamentals. Members of any profession, sales or otherwise, hate to feel like their core competencies are being challenged. Credit to Zorian for covering the most universal mistakes that all sales professionals are prone to making.

3. 5 Problems with Predictable Revenue

By Steve Richard | Source: The VorsightBP Blog

Richard doesn’t set out to de-legitimize Predictable Revenue, just set proper parameters as to its applicability. In doing so, he performs a huge service to the greater sales community at-large. It’s clear that this article was borne out of necessity. Steve Richard has no doubt seen firsthand the havoc wreaked by ill-fated attempts to adopt the Sales 2.0 model where it simply cannot work. Every sales leader contemplating the adoption of the Predictable Revenue model should read this article first before making their final decision. Read More: The Ambition Guide to Predictable Revenue.

4. 6 Greatest Sales Management Lessons From Mark Roberge

By Lauren Licata | Source: The Base CRM Blog

Unfamiliar with the New School of Sales strategy that’s overtaken SaaS and other industries’ sales teams? This is the perfect introduction. Lauren Licata asks all the right questions of the legendary original VP of Sales at HubSpot.

5. 5 Surprising Statistics About Top Sellers

By Jill Konrath | Source: LinkedIn

Jill Konrath delivers a powerful synopsis of Steve W. Martin’s research on the personality traits that define high-performing sales results. An important article and cause for self-reflection for any sales professional.

6. 6 Strategies for Overcoming Buyer Hesitation in B2B Sales

By Danny Wong | Source: Entrepreneur

Practical real world tips, sound analysis, and six ways for reps to start improving conversation rates. Danny Wong has written dozens of articles on sales strategy for Entrepreneur – this is his best.

7. 7 Common Mistakes in Sales+Marketing Collaboration

By Peter Strohkorb | Source: LinkedIn

Sales-marketing alignment is at a premium and chances are, your organization could do a better job. Peter Strohkorb dives into 7 pervasive bugaboos that plague B2B sales and marketing collaboration.

8. 7 Elements to Build a Highly Motivated Startup Sales Team

By Steli Efti | Source: OpenView Labs

Leading a startup sales team is one of the ultimate challenges in sales management. Close.io CEO Steli Efti delivers a great piece on keeping reps motivated, focused, and accountable in SMB teams. Read more: 25 Epic Videos to Inspire Your Sales Force.

9. 7 Sales Performance Metrics that Matter Most

By Cobhan Phillipson | Source: The Docrated Blog

A simple, well-crafted and spot-on list of 7 pivotal sales performance metrics. Cobhan’s list also arrives hot-on-the-heels of an emerging consensus around sales efficiency tracking. Sales organizations continue to hone in on moneyball sales metrics at rep, team and company levels. The concise, accurate directives supplied in this list are exactly what they’re looking for. Read more: The 2016 Sales Performance Index.

10. 10 Objection Handling Techniques For B2B

By Steli Efti | Source: The Close.io Blog

A classic Steli Efti post. Slightly more subdued than the borderline-tirades that made Steli a household name, this list is still Grade-A sales content, with a pulverizing focus on actionability and a solid two dozen linked references to immediate further insights. All it needs is a quintessential Steli video at the end.

11. 10 Reasons Salespeople Fail

By Adam Honig | Source: The Spiro Blog

This article has 6,000+ shares because it delivers unique, profound insights with warp-speed efficiency. No filler. Just pure, uncut truths that every frustrated rep experiences at a subconscious level, but rarely get verbalized.

12. 10+ Sales Pitch Pet Peeves I Could Seriously Do Without

By Matt Heinz | Source: Heinz Marketing

One of those articles where you find yourself nodding all the way through it. Bonus points for Matt’s thoroughly entertaining turns-of-phrase for each pet peeve. The “I’ll just start calling you, bud” tactic is a personal most-hated pet peeve.

13. All I Want is a Cold Email That Doesn’t Suck!

By Heather Morgan | Source: SalesFolk

If you’re like us, you’re the recipient of dozens of cold emails each day. Heather Morgan, the principal of Salesfolk, delivers some of her most actionable, hard-hitting insights in this critique of several low-quality, real world cold emails.

14. The Biggest Trend in Sales Today

By Stephen J. Meyer | Source: Forbes

If you have any interest whatsoever in the modern B2B sales landscape, this is required reading. If you run an old-school sales model and want to know what all this “Sales 2.0” fuss is about, this is required reading. And if you’re looking to adopt or optimize a modern, inside sales model within your organization, this article is the perfect starting point.

15. Common Sales Communication Mistakes

By Scott Britton | Source: The Troops Blog

Most of Scott’s posts take a battlefield focus, methodically scripting out action plans at a tactical level. And while he’s built a well-deserved industry reputation from his posts on improving cold email response rate, prospect list building and habits of successful salespeople, his recent post tackling the broader topic of sales communication and calling himself out for his own faux-pas is the best thing he’s published yet.

16. Customer Success: The Definitive Guide

By Lincoln Murphy | Source: Sixteen Ventures SaaS Growth Strategies

In the big scheme, Sales is invariably intertwined with Marketing and Customer Success, with each process informing, directing and driving the other. Trust us, there’s plenty of actionable Sales advice to be found amongst all the content Murphy devotes to discussing customer acquisition in the opening chapters. This is a tabulated, curated guidebook to the entire customer acquisition and retainment process.

17. The Customer’s Journey Matters

By Tamara Schenk | Source: CSO Insights

This post showcases what Schenk does best: diagnosing an underlying problem across B2B sales processes, placing it in the context of an easily-understood paradigm and then proscribing a clear strategy for remedying the issues. Here, Schenk distinguishes a major flaw in how sales organizations evaluate lead viability: by assessing their position relative to the prototypical “buying process,” as opposed to the “customer’s journey.”

18. Debunking the Myth

By Mike Weinberg | Source: OpenView Labs Blog

Citing to a must-read study by SiriusDecisions, Weinberg opens our eyes to a new reality of the modern, digital sales funnel — prospects are engaging your salespeople at the very outset of the buying process. Content marketing, automated drip email, marketing automation and social media are moving prospects along the sales funnel – but a scarce number of them are 67% of the way through the buying process before initial contact with a sales rep. Which means sales organizations need to rethink their perceptions of sales-marketing alignment in 2016 and get smarter and more strategic about how they’re moving prospects through the buying process.

19. Don Draper’s Four Rules of Selling

By Chris Young | Source: The Sales Wolf Blog

What makes an elite Sales Professional? How about the mentality of the greatest fictional Closer of all-time. The vastly underrated Chris Young brilliantly explains it in this inventive article. Seeing is believing, and Chris helpfully includes links to Youtube clips of Mad Men’s Don Draper performing his most epic pitches, negotiations and strategic discussion. Best of all, he re-conceptualizes the idea of the ultimate Sales Professional.

20. Don’t Forget: You’re Selling to Humans

By Trish Bertuzzi | Source: LinkedIn

Trish Bertuzzi has crafted some of the best sales management content of the decade, period. This article is her tour de force, as she calls out the number one crime reps are guilty of – self-centric, ego-filled messaging – and offers a two-step approach to fixing it.

21. The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen

By Andy Raskin | Source: LinkedIn

The most recent article to make this list. Andy Raskin’s deconstruction of a brilliant Zuora sales deck is spreading like wildfire around sales message boards, forums and online communities for good reason. This really is an impeccable sales deck – and Andy’s analysis is spot-on.

22. How the Best SDRs Take Massive Action

By Ralph Barsi | Source: Sales Hacker

This article personifies the concept, “Lead by example.” Ralph Barsi took his own massive action in putting together this sprawling, multi-faceted playbook-posing-as-a-blog-post. It even has a couple personal touches interspersed amongst the diverse array of charts, social media creenshots, schedules and workflows that make it the enterprising SDR’s go-to bookmark for 2016.

23. How to Avoid the “19-Year Old Dude Move” with B2B Sales Leads

By Douglas Burdett | Source: The Kitedesk Blog

This article has it all. Its title alone belongs in the sales blogging Hall of Fame – and fortunately, Douglas Burdett backs it up with a hilarious, universally understandable and compelling premise. What B2B sales rep hasn’t followed up on an eBook download or similarly tepid new lead with a rushed calendar invite and follow-up email that acts like the prospect just requested a full-court sales press Burdett’s sharp analysis distinguishes what separates overzealous follow-up from proper sales courtship.

24. How to Implement a Sales-Marketing Alignment Strategy

By Fergal Glynn | Source: Sales Hacker

Sales is marketing. Marketing is sales. That’s the thesis of Fergal Glynn’s definitive article on sales-marketing alignment, and it hits like a ton of bricks. A perfect encapsulation of the mentality that’s required to win in the digital age of B2B sales. Read More: The Sales-Marketing Alignment Playbook.

25. Ideal Customer Profile Framework

By Lincoln Murphy | Source: Sixteen Ventures

The Ideal Customer Profile Framework carries all the hallmarks that make Lincoln Murphy’s content stand out. It’s comprehensive, visually compelling, well-structured and best of all, delivered with a been-there, done-that persona. End result: The most insightful, readable article you’ll find on ICPs anywhere on the internet.

26. If SaaS Products Sell Themselves, Why Do We Need Sales?

By Mark Cranney | Source: Andreessen Horowitz

We loved this post so much we essentially plagiarized it in one of our own. We couldn’t help it, as Cranney puts on a clinic here, dispassionately disspelling the myth of the easy SaaS sale.If you’re in the SaaS industry, read this article. In B2B sales? Read this article. Still selling a product on its features? Definitely read this article. Bookmark it, make it your homepage, whatever it takes to ensure that you’re following the guidance of Mark Cranney.

27. If You’re in Sales, You’re NOT a Thought Leader

By Jill Rowley | Source: LinkedIn

Thought leadership always has been – and always will be – a BS term. Jill Rowley gives it the proper lashing it deserves. A perfect article for sales leaders struggling to fix the mindset of reps who would rather give a Ted Talk than serve their clientele.

28. The Inability to Communicate Value Messages

By Tamara Schenk | Source: Sales Enablement Perspectives

Schenk tackles a premise — the biggest inhibitor to sales success in 2014 – that we’ve seen overwhelm her lesser peers. In doing so, she makes a compelling case that value messaging, at present, is the Achilles Heel of the Sales Profession. Great value messaging requires empathy, and we’ve spent the last decade depersonalizing just about every level of the sales process — transitioning from cold calls to cold emails, from manually-typed emails to automated blaster campaigns, and from in-person prospect meetings to faceless web demos. Schenk shows how deep the problem goes and how to rectify it.

29. Is It Just Me or Are People Going Nuts?

By Mark Kosoglow | Source: LinkedIn

In a year where every other article about sales includes the words “acount based,” no one told Mark Kosoglow that he needed to go along with program and pretend that ABS is a new, groundbreaking idea, rather than a repacked, tech-updated variation of the classic enterprise sales model. This post is a heat-seeking missile aimed squarely at the ABS hype machine, fired by an industry insider and brimming with sincere loathing (just listen to this interview excerpt) for its targets. Watch video: The Leaders in Modern Sales Technology.

30. Motivating Salespeople: What Really Works

By Thomas Steenburgh and Michael Ahearne | Source: Harvard Business Review

The decade’s canonical article on sales team motivation. Steenburgh and Ahearne deftly cover the most pivotal topics related to sales motivation – incentives, competitions, compensation structure – with data-driven insights and actionable recommendations that apply to any sales organizations. Watch video: Cell Marque’s Ultimate Sales Contest.

31. No More Alligators

By Peter Gracey | Source: The QuotaFactory Blog

Want to see Peter Gracey nukes a common, offensively bad cold email back into the Stone Age? Of course you do. The rapid proliferation of cold email over the past 5 years has created an increasingly desperate, over-the-top approach to stand out from the hordes of other inbox prospectors vying for attention. Which is why it’s so satisfying to see Gracey take the gloves off with an insipid “Alligator” prospecting template that’s been en vogue for far too long.

32. The Role of SDRs in Account Based Sales

By Brandon Redlinger | Source: Salesforce

The best article from one of the true up-and-comers in B2B sales and marketing. Required reading for any account-based sales leader thanks to its comprehensive, flawless SDR onboarding program.

33. The Sales Director Who Turned Work Into a Fantasy Sport

By Ethan Bernstein | Source: Harvard Business Review

The most amazing sales leadership story of the decade. Ethan Bernstein spent a week embedded in a Fortune 1000 sales team running a a 3 month, Fantasy Football-style sales competition. The results are even more incredible than the format and will have you rethinking your approach to sales contests. Read more: Clayton Homes Case Study.

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