5 Resume Tips That Guarantee a Sales Interview

Resume Tips That Guarantee a Sales Interview

As the CEO of Quota Crushers Agency, a leading talent agency in sales recruitment, I’ve seen thousands of resumes and know what makes a sales professional stand out. Here are my top five sales resume hacks to grab the attention of sales recruiters like us.

1. Tailor Your Resume with Specific Sales Data

Detail is key. Instead of vaguely mentioning industries like ‘Tech’ or ‘Cyber Security,’ specify the exact product solutions you sold. For instance, if your expertise lies in ‘tech compliance,’ ‘customs clearance,’ ‘freight technology,’ or ‘data science,’ highlight these terms. Recruiters, like us, hunt for these specific keywords.

2. Define Your Sales Style: Are You a Farmer or a Hunter?

Your approach in sales matters. If you’re a hunter, emphasize how you managed the entire sales cycle from prospecting to closing. Farmers should highlight their account management skills, demonstrating how they upsold and managed numerous accounts, surpassing quotas.

3. Highlight Your Quota, Performance, and Specific Achievements

  • Quota and Performance: Clearly articulate your sales quota and how you compared. For example, “Achieved 120% of the annual $1.5M sales quota.”
  • Specific Product Solutions Sold: Detail the exact solutions you’ve sold, such as ‘hotel software’ or ‘freight technology.’
  • Key Achievements: Include three specific goals you accomplished, like expanding market share in a particular sector.
  • Industry Verticals: Mention the specific verticals you’ve successfully sold to, such as landing the largest aerospace or frozen food contract.
  • Deal Size and Count: State your average deal size and the number of deals you closed annually, providing a clear picture of your sales capacity.

4. Showcase Your Industry-Specific Experience

List the industries you’ve excelled in. Whether it was aerospace, frozen foods, or plastics, these specifics demonstrate your ability to understand and penetrate diverse markets.

5. Mention Your Average Deal Size and Annual Deal Count

Provide concrete figures to illustrate the scale of your sales achievements. An average deal size of, say, $350K, coupled with an annual closure of 30+ deals, speaks volumes about your sales prowess.

Additional Tips:

  • Career Stability: Avoid being a job hopper. We value candidates who exhibit longevity in roles, with 4-5 years being ideal.
  • Career Progression: Clearly outline your career growth, from Inside Sales to positions like Enterprise Account Director, including achievements at each stage.

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Incorporating these specifics into your sales resume will not only catch a recruiter’s attention but also position you as a top-tier sales professional. At Quota Crushers Agency, we look for these qualities to find exceptional talent in the sales industry. Craft your resume with these hacks, and you’re more likely to land your next big opportunity.

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