About Quota Crushers Agency

Welcome to Quota Crushers Agency, where sales recruitment is led by true industry experts! Not your typical recruiters. We are a powerhouse of former sales executives turned sales recruiters, each hailing from diverse sectors like logistics, technology, food & beverage, advertising and marketing. We’ve walked the sales floors, conquered quotas, and faced challenges head-on, giving us an intimate understanding of what it takes to succeed.

What sets us apart is our data-driven approach. We’ve brought the European practice of data-centric assessments to North America, ensuring that the candidates we recruit perfectly fit the sales-driven roles we fill. Through tailored compatibility assessments, we identify the sales superstars who can deliver exceptional results and elevate businesses to new heights.

At Quota Crushers Agency, we don’t just match candidates to jobs; we empower sales excellence and fuel growth. Join us on our mission to redefine sales recruitment and discover your next sales superstar today.


At Quota Crushers Agency, our mission is to reshape the recruitment industry by introducing European-based hiring methods to North America. Our mission is to eliminate gut feelings from the hiring process and instead prioritize science and data-driven decision-making. By doing so, we aim to revolutionize how talent is acquired, ensuring organizations make informed and successful hiring choices. Together, let’s transform the recruitment landscape and bring about a new era of data-driven excellence.


We envision recruiting sales executives to organizations that perfectly align with their sales abilities and culture fit. We aim to find them a place to grow, thrive, and maximize their commissions. Leveraging our science and data-driven approach, we ensure a seamless match between sales executives and their ideal work environment. As a sales executive-led agency, we understand the unique needs of sales professionals and are dedicated to their success. let our recruitment agency find your next quota-crushing sales executive.

Meet Our Executive Team

Team Fact: 100% of quota crushers recruiters come from a sales background Sales is in our DNA


Dimitra Brokalis
VP of Marketing & Recruitment

Quota Crusher & Business owner @Working Girls Boutique

eden mor

Eden Mor
VP of Sales Recruitment & Marketing

Quota Crusher From The Telecom & Logistics Industry


Vadim Halimov
COO & head of Tech Recruitment

Quota Crusher From The Recruitment Industry


Nina Markovic
VP of Sales Recruitment

Quota Crusher From The Mortgage Software Industry